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Brief Description

A 44 line Spanish form.

Form Type:Syllabic
Number of Lines:44
Rhyme Scheme:See Rules


The Glosa has the following rules:

1) The form opens wirh a four line stanza which traditionally is a quote from another well-known poet. Over time is has become permissible to use less well known poets or even your own poems. This section is known as the texte or cabeza.

2) The rest of the poem is made of 4 ten line stanzas. The last line of each stanza is a line from the first stanza in consecutive order.

3) The sixth and ninth lines of each stanza should rhyme with the ten line.

4) The main body of the poem (the ten line stanzas) are a gloss on (hence the name of the form) the contents of the opening four line stanza.



The Glosa form was widely used by Spanish court poets in the 14th and 15th century. As an International form it has enjoyed little popularity with very few English examples existing. One except is the poet P.K.Page who produced a whole book of Glosa called "Hologram: A Book of Glosas" ISBN: 978-0919626720

There are many variations on the form some have shorter stanzas in the main body, others vary the rhyme scheme or meter used. One variant called the Envelope Glosa uses the same line at the start and finish of each stanza, the line being drawn as usual from the opening stanza.

See also:

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