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Brief Description

An American verse form related to the Haiku but created to avoid the On to Syllable conversion problems.

Form Type:Syllabic
Creator:Robert Kelly Lune
Number of Lines:3
Rhyme Scheme:N/A


1. The form is written in 3 lines. They contain a syllable count of 5-3-5.

2. Unlike the Japanese Haiku there is no need to contain season words (Kigo) or cutting words (Kire). There is also no restraint against poetic devices like metaphor, meter or rhyme.


cool chardonnary waits

on ice

candles yet unlit

Copyright Ben Johnson


Also known as "The English Language Haiku", this form was created by Robert Kelly, a Professor of Literature at Bard College who was seeking an alternative to the common place 5-7-5 syllable count of the of the English Haiku. The Lune comes closer to the brevity of the Japanese Haiku in size, but drops many of the restrainsts commonly associated with the Haiku.

The Lune gave birth to another form the Jack Collom lune.

Lune is pronounced like Loon.

See also:

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