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Brief Description

A three line form created from six words.

Form Type:Word Count
Creator:Eileen Tabios,
Number of Lines:3
Rhyme Scheme:Not Applicable
Meter:Not Applicable


1. The poem is 3 lines long forming a tercet.

2. Line one is 1 word long, line two is 2 words long and line three is 3 words long.

3. There are no restrictions on syllable count or rhyme etc.



not good

when experienced alone.

Ben Johnson


Eileen Tabios orignally called the form "the Pinoy Haiku". Vince Gotera later proposed the name Hay(na)ku, which corresponds to a Tagalog phrase meaning 'oh!'.

The 'H' is silent making pronounciation like Ai-na-ku.

Reversed or chained Haynaku's are also possible.

See also:

Haiku,Tanka,Clarity Pyramid,Six Word Poem


Information on the Haynaku

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