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Brief Description

The "cinqku" is a new Tanka analogue; a seventeen syllable cinquain that assimilates as much as possible from the Japanese haiku and Tanka traditions into the English poetic tradition.

Form Type:Syllabic
Creator:Denis M. Garrison
Number of Lines:5
Rhyme Scheme:Not Applicable
Meter:Not applicable


1. A strict syllable count (2,3,4,6,2) making 17 syllables on 5 lines

2. No title

3. Tanka style free diction and syntax

4. No metrical requirement

5. A turn that may be similar to kireji or a cinquain turn.

Cinqku's can be linked. A linked sequence may have a title.



five cold years

but never gone -

our bedroom's fragrant with

her scent

Denis M. Garrison


A primary concern for the cinqku is the effective use of the line break.

See also:

Cinquain, Haiku, Tanka, 5 line forms.


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About the Cinqku
Prosody for the Cinqku

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